Alfa/Romeo Class – Autumn Term 1, 2022

Weekly round ups…

Week Ending 14 October 2022

What an amazing week we have had in Alfa Romeo. It started by heading off on the Safari truck …. First, we made some binoculars and then headed to the Tourist Information Centre to buy tickets and set off on Safari. There were plenty of animals to spot on the way elephants, hippos, long neck giraffes and lions to name but a few. The children could dress us with headdresses and tails, animal masks or use their imagination to pretend to be animals. The children been using their writing skills to make their own tickets, writing information guides and booklets, and exchanging money to buy tickets taking part in different roles in the outside area.

In English we started to read ‘Anansi the Spider’ and had read all about his journey. We have linked the story in many ways by cutting spiders and sticking them into webs, created colourful spider pictures, made 3D models and written captions. Next week we will be building on these skills to sounds and blend words to describe spiders and write a sentence.

In Maths we have been looking at comparing amounts by sorting objects and making a distinction with size. The children have broadened their learning by answering questions about the groups. Which had more? Which has fewer? Do you notice anything about the groups. The children have built towers out of all different kinds of construction in different sizes.

We have read ‘Mr Grumpy’s Outing’, ‘The Purple Crayon’ and ‘Owl Babies’. It was wet when we did PE on Thursday but we still had lots of fun and had a great music session.

Week Ending 07 October 2022

Well done Alfa Romeo you have worked very hard this week with your phonics and blending remembering to use ‘Fred Fingers’. Keep this up!

We have continued to work on our topic ‘Let’s Explore’ by talking our community and where we live. We have shared ‘In Every House on Every Street’ and talked about our houses we live in here and how much bigger they are to those in the UK. We have looked at the world map and talked about how far away England is and family and friends we have who live there. We have finished the week with ‘Where’s Spot’ and had a game of hide and seek which was great fun!

In English we have continued our book ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’ and are able to repeat parts of the story with actions to share what is happening. We have looked at animals in Kenya and painted some pictures for the outside area and finished the week off with sounding and writing some sentences. I am very proud of how hard you have all worked to make Tourist Information Leaflets.

In Maths we have continued to match and working out what is the same and what is different and sort objects in different ways by colour, shape or sizes. We linked this with Safari animals and looked at animals here and in Africa and sorted them using a Venn diagram.

In the outside area we have created a Safari Bus with accessories for the children to head off on an adventure. The children can also use the Tourist Information to pick places which they would like to visit. The children in Alfa Romeo do enjoy the music area and making sounds and trying to play tunes with a selection of instruments. The construction area has been used to make houses and you can see these when you drop and pick the children up in the foyer.

Week ending 23 September

Well done Alfa Romeo you have worked very hard this week and we have done lots of learning.

We have continued to work on our topic ‘Let’s Explore’ by talking about our feelings, looking at animal habitats in the school grounds. We looked at the painting ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ by Kandinsky. We talked about shapes and colours the children could see in the picture- circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, name and describe the shapes and which shape they like best and why.  We then created our own painting using primary colours and circles. Our class book has been ‘The Way I feel’ and we have encouraged the children to talk about times they have felt angry, happy, sad or scared. We looked at different faces and then tried to change out facial expression to show different emotions.

In English we have continued our book ‘Where the Wild Things are?’ the children pretended to be Wild Things, we listened to music and tried to create our own style to fit with the story. We retold the story to our friends using Story Stones. We finished the week by making our own mini books describing Max’s journey to visit the ‘Wild Things’. I am very proud of Alfa Romeo and the work they have done with this book.

In Maths we have continued to recognise numbers and count from 0-10. We have looked at objects and counted them carefully inside and outside the classroom, sang different counting songs and matched objects and numbers. A very impressive week of math’s!

In the outside area the children have enjoyed and shared Pirate Stories, dressed up as Pirates, played with Duplo and made some magnificent trains and moving vehicles. In the small world area used branches, log slices, pebbles, glass beads and pinecones to create wonderful scenes where the Wild Things could visit.

Week ending 16 September

A brilliant week Alfa Romeo.

We have continued to work on our topic ‘Let’s Explore’ counting using the number 1-3 on dominoes the children had to watch the cards to stop and group themselves. Our book of the week was ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ which the children acted out the story carefully using actions, drew a picture from the story and worked together to sequence the story. I was really impressed how the children listened to each other and ordered events. We looked at a range of Fantasy Worlds images and the children painted their own picture.

In English we have shared ‘Where the Wild Things are?’ the children pretended to be Max and put on his dressing up outfit.  As a class we used pictures to retell the story and tried to repeat phrases from the story. The children told the story to their friends using Story Stones. We finished the week by making our own mini books describing Max’s journey to visit the ‘Wild Things’. I am very proud of Alfa Romeo and the work they have done with this book.

In Maths we have played dominoes, know the names for the numbers, counting objects and saying the numbers out loud and recall the final numbers. We have been outside and looked for numbers hiding in the outside area, using construction cars, planes, trains and trucks to count vehicles and place them on numbers.

We had a great time in the outside area taking groups of tourists through security, to board the plane, and jet off to different destination using maps that have been created. If you fancy a holiday … Alfa Romeo have some lovely holiday destinations. The children have formed numbers using playdough and also drawn their own maps using ideas from our walk around school.

Week ending 9th September

Alfa Romeo has had a great start to the term all the children have settled into school and the class routine and worked very hard.

We have introduced our Topic ‘Let’s Explore’ and went on a journey around the school grounds and to Villa V and met the adults who work at school taking pictures to help us talk about the journey. The children had to draw a part of school or the grounds, looked at mazes and how to get from the start to the finish and different routes.

In English we have shared different stories from our Topic box and have been talking about ourselves and sharing what we like. We read’ The Night Pirates’ which we all enjoyed and then pretended to be Pirates and set up a Pirate ship and Treasure Island.

In Maths we have looked at the numbers 0-5 and counting, number formation and recognising numerals. Then the children focused on counting items from 0-10 and matching numbers to objects. The children have shown how much they enjoy maths and looking at numbers. We had a great time this week exploring the outside area. We had time to explore the different areas inside an outside the classroom and play with all the activities from small world people and transport, musical instruments, writing table, painting and crafts, sand and water area, climbing frame, maths activities, construction and books to name a few.