Ferrari Class – Autumn Term 1, 2022

Welcome back! September 2022

We have had wonderful start to the school year in Ferrari Class. It has been lovely to see how quickly we are working together as a new class. The Year 2 children have set a wonderful example to the new Year 1 children, helping them to settle quickly by being kind, caring and helpful. Mrs Smith and I are very proud of all the children in Ferrari.

Our topic this half of term is ‘Movers and Shaker’. This project teaches children about historically significant people who have had a major impact on the world. We started with a visit by Dr Jervis who is a very important person in our community. Dr Jervis told us about being a doctor at JFC and he showed us his special doctor’s bag which contained equipment such as a stethoscope and digital thermometer. The children really enjoyed using these instruments. I can report we are all well and have great reflexes!  In Italian, Keila told the children about a significant doctor in the Naples community, Dr Giuseppe Moscati, who healed and supported the poor in Naples at the turn of the twentieth century. We have now started learning about the Dawson’s Model which is a set of five statements that help historians to decide if a person is historically significant. We have started researching into life of Florence Nightingale and learning why she is a significant person. We have looked at an image of the medal she was presented by Queen Victoria for her work in the Crimea War and designed our own medals to be awarded to other nurses who make an impact on other people’s lives. We have started to sequence significant information in chronological order by making timelines of our own lives. The children enjoyed sharing stories of when they were a baby!

In English we have been reading and learning about the story ‘Traction Man is here.’ by Mini Grey. The children have really enjoyed bringing in their own toys into class, writing descriptions of their toys and plotting simple adventures and role-playing games. We have made a story map of Traction Man’s adventures which feature the problems he encounters and how he saves the day. We have used our story maps to write about some of Traction Man’s adventures and are now writing our own adventure about Traction Man in the jungle.

Our first topic in maths was Place Value. Our Year 1 children have been looking at numbers to 20 and for many, extending to 50. Our Year 2 children have been looking at numbers to 100. We have been focusing on problem solving and reasoning with the children explaining how they have solved their problems using mathematical vocabulary.  This is something we will continue with throughout the year. At the end of last week, we did an assessment where the children showed they had a very good understanding of the concepts and mathematical skills taught. So, we have now started our next unit on Addition and Multiplication. Well done Ferrari!

Did you know a polar bear can most likely smell a seal from more than 1 km (0.6 mi.) away and 1 m (3 ft.) under the snow? In science, our topic is Habitats. We learnt about what a habitat is and how plants and animals survive in different habitats all over the world. We have started by learning about Polar Habitats and the animals that can survive in these harsh conditions. We have learnt lots of fascinating facts like polar bears have black skin and their fur is hollow! We have now started to study microhabitats and looked under old logs to see what we could find. We found a millipede and a salamander!

On Wednesday afternoons we have PE outside. The children really enjoy this time and each session has been a great success. We have played a variety of games as a warm up which involved team work, following the rules, taking turns as well as running! We used a variety of different sized balls to build skills of dribbling, bouncing and catching. A great start.

Our companion topic for this term is called ‘Mix it!’ which is an art-based topic based on colour mixing skills. We have started by using colour to make patterns. In our outside area the children have had the opportunity to press objects into play dough to make textures, patterns and imprints.  We welcomed back Mrs Sweeney for the first time this year. She talked to the children about primary and secondary colours and the children had the opportunity to make new colours by mixing the primary colours. We asked the children to name some of the new colours they made – we had some really exciting ideas like cactus green, ocean blue and dragon’s breath purple.

Every Thursday afternoon, Mrs Pollington teaches music and computing with the children. The children have started learning new songs that we sing in assembly. We have been learning ‘You can count on me’ by Bruno Mars. This has been a big hit with Ferrari!

We have started the year with some real motivated learners. Well done Ferrari Class!