Ferrari Class-Spring Term 2, 2022

W/C 21st March 2022

The children arrived into the classroom to discover that Mrs Page had an ancient DRAGON’S EGG! WOW! The children all held the egg very carefully and thought about what type of dragon could have laid this egg and questioned how the egg could be incubated.

In our English lessons we have been reading the wonderful poetry book ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris. The children designed their own dragon’s egg using noun phrases and similes to describe the egg. They drew a diagram of the dragon that laid the egg and annotated the picture with powerful new vocabulary. So, how do you hatch a dragon’s egg? We did some research and wrote some fabulous instructions. We were surprised to discover that dragons love crisps and eat red chili peppers at the weekend for a treat!

The children have been working really hard with their phonics, spelling and handwriting every day. We are very proud of the Year 2 children who are starting to join their handwriting.

Every morning the children start the day with an arithmetic activity. There is a challenge activity that all the children can try once they have completed their number work. Congratulations to all the children who have a go at these challenge activities. We are very proud of you! In our maths lessons our topic is Fractions. Year 1’s are recognising and finding a half and a quarter. They really enjoyed the pizza activity where they put different toppings on half and quarters of their pizza. Year 2’s have been focusing on recognising and finding a third. We have been looking at ways of calculating a quarter by halving a half!

In Science we have been learning about bridges and have sorted and categorised our bridges by different criteria. In topic, we have learnt about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. The children really enjoyed designing their own ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ to explain the events of the invasion. We have also looked at famous towers around the world and used our mapping skills to find where in the world they are located.

W/C 28th March 2022

In Ferrari Class this week the children have worked incredibly hard completing all of their half term assessments. It has been wonderful to see their progress and their independence in learning.

Dragons! Dragon everywhere! In our English lessons we continued our theme of dragons inspired by the poetry book ‘Tell me a dragon’ by Jackie Morris. Each day the children have written a poem. Here are a few we wrote:


Eragon’s head

Is bigger than a double-decker bus.

His eyes shine

Like scarlet headlamps.

His scales

Are tougher than sparkling diamonds.

His claws curve

Like black bananas.

His jagged tail can knock

Skyscrapers over with one enormous swipe


Dragon’s Eggs.

The scarlet egg contains

Radiant rubies, sunsets and exploding volcanoes.

The blue egg contains

the sky behind clouds, quiet pools

and a huskie’s eye.

The silver egg contains

The mist off a moor

And the fur of a howling wolf….


The dragons inside of me.

Inside of me is an angry dragon

Who stomps from room to room.

Inside of me is a tired dragon

Who curls up asleep in the corner.

Inside of me is a sad dragon

Who cries silent tears. 

Inside of me is a curious dragon

Who sticks his nose into everyone’s business….!


In maths, the Year 2’s have been focusing on counting forward and backwards in 10’s from any given number. They have worked hard on consolidating their fraction skills by learning about unit and non – unit fractions. The Year 1’s have been focusing on numbers to 50 but many have extended to 100. Having completed their fractions unit they have revised half and a quarter of an amount as well as recognising a half and a quarter.


In topic, the children have been learning all about tunnels including tunnelling animals and how humans make tunnels and why. They were captured by the World War II story of the Great Escape, where POW’s dug three tunnels named Tom, Dick and Harry to escape from their captors. Aaron and Richie became our class experts, sharing their knowledge and understanding of the events. We are nearing the end of our PSHE topic on Healthy Me. This week the children learnt about how to keep safe when crossing the road, and about people who can help me to stay safe. Despite the inclement weather we have been having, we managed to get out in the fresh air and enjoy our PE lesson. The children have been focusing on throwing and catching skills and playing mini games.