Ferrari Class-Summer Term 1, 2022

Week beginning 25th April 2022

What a wonderful first week back we have had in Ferrari class the children were refreshed after their holiday and ready to work.

We have started our new Topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers and on Monday had some visitors in school with Mr Serrell-Cooke. He brought his two dogs Hakka and Bailey in for us to talk about owning a pet and how to be a responsible pet owner. We all had lots of fun and were able to stroke and give the dogs treat.

In English our book focus is ‘A Mouse called Julian’. The children had to write our own friendship story with animals which was very exciting to the lesson. We have started to look at the book which will be the focus for the next few weeks and have met Julian a lonely mouse who likes to keep himself to himself and predicted what will happen when the fox entered his home.

In Math’s we have been looking at Position and Direction and have learnt some new language to do with direction: ‘right’, ‘left’, ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’, ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘top’, ‘in between’, ‘bottom’, ‘above’ and ‘below’, ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’. I have noticed the children have been practicing at home in preparation for this Topic and are using the classroom clock to practice telling the time at different intervals during the day.

In Science we are looking at ‘Types of animals’ and identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. On Tuesday we went on a Science Walk around the school grounds to see what animals and insects we could find. By the end of the term, we will have had another class visit and are going to design out own Zoo map.

PE will remain on a Thursday afternoon but this week we had he house pint treat – where the House Captains planned a range of exciting activities for us to complete in our houses and then this was followed by a water fight. All the children had great fun!!

Week beginning 2nd May 2022

It was wonderful to welcome back all the children after a wonderful Easter break. The children were eager to share their news about the holidays in our weekly ‘Show and Tell’ session. Over the holidays we changed many of the fiction, non – fiction and poetry books in our class library. The children are really enjoying reading our new selection of books. Lucy and Arya are our class librarians and have been busy sorting and organising the fiction books.

Our outside area has taken on an animal theme. We now have an animal hospital where the children can role play caring for our animals. They have also used the construction toys to build homes for the wild animals. To develop fine motor skills, the children have been threading different sized beads, making bracelets and necklaces.

In our English lessons this week, we have been looking at the fable ‘The Fox and the Crow’. The children have made a story map of the tale and used fantastic adjectives to enhance the story using their editing skills. They have done an excellent job writing their own version of this story. We have been reading stories about animals and have been focusing on comprehension skills finding the answers in the text.

In Maths we have started our topic on Telling the Time. I have been so impressed by the way the children have embraced this topic. They are now using the class clock to remind me when it is register time, lunch and home time! The Year 1 children have been focusing on the calendar and o’clock. The Year 2 children have been focusing on o’clock, half past quarter past and quarter to. Each morning the children continue with their arithmetic challenges.

In topic, we have been looking at grouping animals by what they eat. We have been using the terms, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. In PE we have started our athletic unit preparing ourselves for Sports Day at the end of May. The theme for our PSHE lessons this half of term are ‘Relationships’. We have been discussing what makes a good friend.

Once again, it has been a wonderful week of learning!