Lamborghini Class – Autumn Term 1, 2022

Welcome to the Lamborghini Home Page for the 2022-23 Academic Year. Our topic this half term is called Frozen Kingdoms. It is a geography-based topic all about the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Please take a look at the photos of our learning environment.

Week ending – Friday 30th September

Welcome to the new school year from Lamborghini Class.

This is our first website update since the beginning of the school year. So much new learning has happened over the last four weeks.

Firstly, and most importantly, we have established ourselves as a new class. We have welcomed some new children; have become familiar with our learning environment and got used to the weekly routine. We have a wonderful atmosphere for learning in the class with everyone trying their very best in all that they do.

Our topic this half term is called Frozen Kingdoms. It is a geography based topic all about the polar environments of the Arctic and Antarctica. We have already learnt about the geography of the areas in terms of climate and landscape so we have a much better idea of why they are such inhospitable areas for people to live. We had a special focus week in the first week of term where we trained like polar explorers by dragging tyres, tried dried food and investigated icebergs!

Our English lessons link directly with our topic as we are studying a stunning book called Ice Bear by Jackie Morris. The text is illustrated beautifully and the story shows the strong links which exist between humans, animals and their environments. We have learnt sections of the text and are now in the process of practising writing in the style of Jackie Morris.

The focus for maths during these first few weeks has been place value. We have looked at the value of each digit in numbers to 1,000,000 (Year 5) and 10,000,000 (Year 6). We have used lots of reasoning and problem solving to be able to compare numbers. This week we have begun to use our rounding skills.

Science and music are linked this half term as we are studying Earth and space; a theme in both subjects. There are also strong links with our Frozen Kingdoms topic as we have looked at the impact of Polar Day and Night due to the tilt, rotation and orbit of the Earth. The children are very much enjoying finding out about space and regularly impress us with the new facts that they have discovered. In music we are singing a song about the sun, listening to music pieces inspired by space and reading music to create our own class compositions.

Art is also linked to our topic. With Mrs Wortley on Fridays, the children are studying the style of Inuit art and creating their own pieces.

A busy few weeks but very enjoyable!

The photos below show you some of the activities we completed during our polar enrichment week at the beginning of term.