Lamborghini Class-Spring Term 1, 2023

Welcome to the home page for the first half of the Spring Term 2023. We are learning about a history-based topic called ‘A Child’s War’ this term. It is all about World War 2 and the impact the events had on children.

Please see the topic web below for details about the areas of learning we will be covering this half term. We have some exciting enrichment activities including an evacuation experience day; a trip to a local Italian school and some visitors will be coming in to talk to us about the War.

Week ending – Friday 3rd February 2023

We had a fantastic start to the week! Key Stage 2 went on an exciting school trip to visit our friends at the Fratelli Maristi School. We have had a long standing friendship with the school for many years and have worked with them on joint projects. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of recent years, we haven’t been able to visit until now. It was a pleasure to take our students out of school and see them behaving impeccably and representing our school so well.

We left school first thing in the morning and after a short bus ride, we arrived at the school. Our first impressions of the school were that it was very big; the school educates children from 6 to 18 years. Once we were off the bus, we went into the school where we were welcomed by the Principal and Director. We then met the pupils we would be working with. We completed our first activity which was to take part in welcome conversations with the students, sharing information such as our names, age and hobbies. The students, who have five hours of English per week, speak very good English. It was fantastic to see the students from BFS having a go at speaking Italian.

We then went outside onto the large tennis courts to play some music-themed games followed by a tasty snack of pizzetta in the lunch hall.

Our final activity was to work in groups of Italian/English students to produce a poster all about one of the 20 regions in Italy. The children had to research information about the different regions and write it in both English and Italian. We then came back together as a bigger group and shared our posters.

It was such a fun and enjoyable day. We really looking forward to welcoming some of the students back to BFS in March.

Week ending – Friday 27th January 2023

Lamborghini have been working hard on fractions this week, focusing on equivalent fractions which they have been representing in different visual ways including shapes, bar  models and number lines. They have used their knowledge of factors to help them recognise equivalent fractions and year 6 have been simplifying fractions. They have built upon this and have been converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.

In science, the class had fun exploring the force of gravity. Having learned about Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery, they explored the difference between mass and weight and used Newton meters to measure the mass and weight of various different objects in the classroom, noticing the relationship between the two measurements.

In English and Guided Reading we have continued studying the book “Letters from the Lighthouse” which tells the story of brother and sister Olive and Cliff who were evacuated from London to a coastal village. This has supported their WW2 topic work about the evacuation of children out of cities while also introducing the “Careless Talk Cost Lives” message – the siblings are trying to solve a mystery which we think may involve secret codes. The children wrote their own eye witness accounts of Luftwaffe aircraft flying over the village and crashing just beyond the lighthouse.

In PE, we have been learning some Scottish Country Dancing which linked nicely with Burn’s Night this week and may even have been the kind of activity that evacuees may have done at school.

Week ending – Friday 13th January 2023

Happy New Year!

It’s been lovely to get back to school and be together again as a class. As we are at the start of a new year, we have been considering our dreams and goals for the year ahead and the future! The children have identified a goal that they would personally like to achieve both in school and at home.

Our topic for this half term is ‘A Child’s War’. This is a history topic linked to the events in World War 2. We started our learning on this topic by sharing the information we already know about the topic and learning the meaning of some of the key vocabulary including evacuation, persecution and alliance.

In English, we are reading a linked text called ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. We started reading the text and discussing our initial thoughts and feelings about the characters we met in the first few chapters, and the early events in the plot.

We discovered that one of the main characters is missing following a bomb that was dropped in the opening chapters. We collected evidence about the missing character, both literal and inferred, and used this to write a formal missing person’s report. The children used lots of detail and maintained the formality in their writing.

In maths, we completed our assessments from the end of the Autumn term and recapped multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We will be starting a new unit on fractions next week.

Our PE lessons are going to be exciting this Spring Term as we have the opportunity to complete one of our lessons at the base. It will be fantastic to be able to be able to use the large indoor gym to complete the lessons we have been unable to do with our limited space.