Lamborghini Class-Summer Term 1, 2022

This half term, our topic is a geography based topic called ‘Sow, Grow and Farm’. We will investigate the agricultural land use in the UK and compare it to Italy. We will also explore issues around sustainability, food miles and organic farming techniques.

Our current topic web can be found here:

Week ending Friday 13/5/22

We had a different week this week because Year 6 completed their Year 6 SATs assessments. Because of this, Year 5 and Year 6 were taught separately in the mornings and then we came back together as a class before lunch.

As a school, we were incredibly proud of each Year 6 pupil as they did their very best in each assessment and showed great maturity and resilience when approaching their assessments. They enjoyed a special breakfast with Mrs Robinson each morning with cornetti! When the children reflected on the experience of completing their assessments, they felt confident and prepared which is great to hear.

Year 5 completed a special art/literacy project with Mrs Wortley in the mornings based on the artist Kandinsky. They analysed his art work, emulated his style when creating their own pieces and researched the artist’s life so they could write a biography. The photos below show their excellent finished pieces of learning.

With Miss Andrews in maths, the children learnt how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. They also looked at the differences between regular and irregular shapes.

In our other curriculum areas, we completed a piece of art work related to our topic. We used pastels to create landscapes which show agricultural land use. The finished pieces are just beautiful.

We also were able to complete an art project using clay. We had previously designed dragon eyes and were now able to turn our design into a finished sculpture. They look stunning!

As part of our growing topic, we went outside and tidied up the planters we have around Villa V in preparation for our new plants arriving. Some of the plants needed re-potting and their soil replenishing. We also planted some seeds for carrots, beetroot and sunflowers.

Week ending Friday 6/5/22

Next week the Year 6 children will be completing their Standard Assessment Tests. We are incredibly proud of the hard work they have put into their learning over the year particularly with the disruption we have faced with further covid school closures.

In English we have recapped key grammar terms and applied our knowledge in various contexts. We did this collaboratively with a partner so it was more fun! In reading lessons, we looked at the skills of answering different types of reading questions.

Our maths lessons have been based on reasoning and problem solving so we could apply our maths knowledge in lots of different contexts.

In topic, we have learnt about the three main types of farming in the UK: arable, pastoral and mixed. Interestingly, 70% of the land in the UK is used for farming. We studied a land use map of the UK and then used an atlas to find the names of counties where different types of farm could be found. We then used the inspiration to start a piece of farm landscape artwork.

Tag rugby was lots of fun because we split down into smaller teams so we could really concentrate on the skills of attacking and defending. By having less people on each team, the children had to think about positioning on the field and careful marking so the ball could be intercepted before a try could be scored.

With Mrs Page on Friday, we researched and wrote fantastic non-chronological reports about allotments. It was really interesting to discover that many children in the class had a family member who grows plants and vegetables on an allotment.

Week ending Friday 29/5/22

It was lovely to be back in school this week after a well-earned Easter break. There has been a noticeable change in the weather which has meant we have been able to enjoy lots of time outside. The highlight of the week for the children was the House Point reward fun afternoon on Friday where they got to soak both Mrs Wortley and Mrs Robinson in a water fight!

We got stuck into our new topic by learning some of the key vocabulary associated with farming including pastoral, arable and floriculture. After learning what an allotment is, we worked in groups to consider the best location for a new allotment. This involved thinking about both the physical and human characteristics of each site.

In our English lessons this week, we started a new film literacy unit based on a short animated film called ‘Alma’. The plot starts off quite normally and then the events get stranger and stranger! We spent time ‘reading’ the film and discussing how events of the plot were revealed to the reader.

In maths, we completed our geometry lessons on position and direction by learning how to plot coordinates in quadrants, and how to translate and rotate shapes.

We have started a new unit on Evolution and Inheritance and began our first lesson by discussing what we understand about the terms ‘evolution’ and ‘inheritance’. We then had a go at ordering key events from the past in chronological order. Once we had had a try, we researched the actual dates of when they occurred and created a timeline in our books.