Lamborghini Class-Summer Term 1, 2023

Welcome to the home page for the first half of the Summer Term 2023.

We have a new topic this half term called ‘Scream Machine’. It is a Design Technology/ science based topic where we will consider the forces in action on a fairground; look at the mechanisms involved in fairgrounds and design and make model fairground rides.

The topic web detailing all of our learning for the half term can be downloaded below.

Week ending – Friday 26th May 2023

What an incredibly busy end to our Summer 1 half-term! We’ve had making days, Sports’ Day and a trip to the American School!

One of the highlights of the week, was most definitely making our moving fairground rides in groups. We only had two days in which to complete the task, but not only did we do it, but all of the rides we completed all met our design criteria! At the beginning of the week, we all agreed we wanted to make rides that moved, had a strong framework and were visually appealing.

The first task for all of the groups was to make the framework using the skills of measuring accurately and cutting the wood using a saw. The groups then worked on making the panels so that their fairground ride had a strong theme.

We were then able to use the electrical equipment to make the rides move. We used wires, cells, motors and switches to drive a pulley using an elastic band. This was a very fiddly bit, as the tension on the elastic band had to be just right!

The finished rides are absolutely first-class and we enjoyed sharing them with Maserati class.

Sports’ Day on Wednesday was another great day. The children all competed to the best of their abilities and were ‘the best that they could be’. It was lovely to see the older children helping some of the younger ones with the activities and showing true leadership. Well done to Team Etna who won on the day.

Week ending – Friday 19th May 2023

It was lovely to get back to our normal lessons and routines this week and focus on the steps needed to complete a few of our ongoing projects before the end of the half term.

In English, the focus was on planning, drafting and editing a poem linked to our unit of learning based on the ‘Beyond the lines’ short film. We revisited the Siegfried Sassoon poem How to Die to remind ourselves of some of the techniques he used in his poem to express his ideas including emotive language, similes, metaphors and rhyme.

The children focused on completing an initial draft, and then spent time editing in phases; firstly focusing on removing unnecessary words and then on using punctuation, particularly semi-colons, to link their clauses across the lines of the poem. Some children even managed to have a rhyming pattern at the end of the lines in their poems.

The completed poems are of a very high-quality and convey the strong emotions associated with war and loss. Fantastic writing Lamborghini Class!

In maths, Year 5 completed their unit on position and direction by learning about translation and reflection, while Year 6 started a new unit on algebra.

One of the exciting highlights of the week was for the children to work in groups to design their own moving fairground ride ahead of our making days next week. The room was buzzing with ideas and were able to demonstrate great collaboration when discussing initial thoughts and agreeing on a final design. We look forward to putting the plans into action next week!

Week ending – Friday 12th May 2023

This week, Year 6 have led by example as they completed their Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tests (SATs).  The tests took place over the whole week and assessed the children in English and maths.

As a whole school, we have been incredibly proud of the mature way year 6 approached the tests and the amount of effort that they put into completing them. Each and every child demonstrated all of our school learning behaviours over the week including resilience, reflection, independence. It was also lovely to see the year 6 group spend time collaboratively in the morning while have their pre-test breakfast together, and after the tests when they had their treat of baking a cake and watching a film together in their pyjamas! 

While Year 6 were busy with their tests, Year 5 were completing a special English/art project with Mrs Wortley which has created some stunning learning.

They researched the life and artwork of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto whose artwork is characterised by bright, bold geometric patterns.  The children used the information to create large posters to display the information they had written. They then painted a 3D object in the style of the artist, and created their own piece of artwork of an object using the style of Britto.

Their amazing learning will be displayed in the school meeting room.

Week ending – Friday 5th May 2023

There was a regal feel to the week during the build-up to the Coronation of King Charles III which culminated in an exciting whole school Coronation Picnic on Friday 5th May organised by FoBFS.

Earlier in the week, we took part in a special Coronation assembly led by our visitor Hannah who had previously worked at Westminster Abbey. She was able to tell us all about the history of the event and what actually happens. She did this in a fun interactive way and we acted out the service even with a crown, orb and sceptre!

In other learning, we finished off our unit of learning on area, perimeter by exploring the volume of 3D cuboids. In English, we recapped some areas of grammar including the active and passive tense.

As part of our topic learning, the completed a product analysis of a fairground ride that they had chosen.  After carefully sketching the ride, the children thought about how it was made; how the mechanism worked and what type of experience someone would have if they went on the ride.

A super week of learning – well done Lamborghini Class!

Week ending – Friday 28th April 2023

What a busy and exciting week we had this week!  As well as our normal learning, we had lots of extra enrichment opportunities which made for a fun week.

To mark King Charles’ Coronation, we took part in the National Literacy Trust’s Big Draw.  The live workshop was led by the author/illustrator Rob Biddulph who guided us through drawing our own version of the King Edward’s Crown as well as telling us some interesting facts about it; the crown weighs a whopping 2.23 kg and has 444 precious gemstones on it.

On Wednesday, we had another visit from the children and teachers from our Italian partner school. It was lots of fun as we had a Coronation themed competition which we completed in mixed teams. We completed sports, a quiz, games and a crown making activity which gave us lots of opportunities to practise our Italian speaking skills. It was such a fun morning of activities.

Finally, on Friday, we all wore something purple to school to celebrate April being the Month of the Military Child. We spent some time in class thinking and discussing what it meant to be a military child and some of the positive and not so positive things associated with this. We all agreed that military children develop a lot of resilience skills because of the amount of change they encounter.

In other learning, we completed the edit and re-draft of our letters inspired by the short film Beyond the Lines. In maths we started a new unit of learning around perimeter, area and volume.  In our topic lesson, we used Lego kits to make small prototypes of moving fairground rides which used wheels, axels and pulleys.

Week ending – Friday 21st April 2023

There was an air of excitement in the Lamborghini classroom on our first day back because the children were so excited that we were learning about fairground rides as part of our topic. We spent some time looking at different fairground rides and more importantly, thinking about the ones we would and wouldn’t want to have a go on!

In English this week, our time was spent on editing and improving a letter we wrote as part of our film literacy unit based on the short film – Beyond the Lines. We discussed the context of the Dunkirk landings and the emotions and experiences a soldier might have gone through if they were part of the invasion. The children redrafted sections of their writing focusing on including emotive language; multi-clause sentences containing semi-colons/ colons; and the appropriate level of formality. The finished letters are very powerful.

We started a new unit of learning in maths this week. We are studying area, perimeter and volume. We investigated how to use a formula to calculate perimeter and area and applied this knowledge to finding the perimeter of compound shapes and regular polygons.

Science was very exciting this week as the children were hoping that Miss Andrews would end up with a bucket of water on her head! We were investigating the effect of centripetal forces – like those experienced on a rollercoaster. We used buckets containing bean bags and then water (!) and spun the bucket around. Amazingly, the water didn’t tip out of the bucket because the circular motion of the bucket acted against gravity.