Lamborghini Class-Spring Term 1, 2022

This half term, our topic is a history based topic called ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’. It is based in the 14th Century and focuses on key events such as the arrival of the Black Death and The Peasants Revolt.

Our current topic web can be downloaded here:

Week ending Friday 18th February 2022

We had lots of very busy children in class this week as our topic on the Medieval period drew to a close. It was a time to bring together all the areas of learning we had worked on over the half term.

In design technology, we completed our knight’s shields by taking our initial designs and turning them into a finished product. We did this by drawing out our design on large sheets of cardboard, cutting them out and then using a mix of PVA glue and water along with toilet roll to add our 3D design to the cardboard shield.  This was a very sticky task and some of us hated to get our hands mucky!

On the following day, once the glue had dried, we were able to start to paint the shields in the bright colours we had chosen. We made the most of the sunshine and painted outside. The photos below will show you our completed shields.

In English, we wrote our own reports on the Black Death. The children had put a lot of preparation into understanding what makes a good report and did some fantastic research earlier on in the topic, so were able to write with lots of confidence. They enjoyed adding in all the extra diagrams they had prepared in topic lessons including a map of how the plague spread and an advert for a strange plague remedy. Their completed learning is of a very high standard so well done everyone.

With Mrs Page on Friday, the children had a fun and interactive lesson exploring the 1381 Peasants Revolt.  They needed to research the issue and present the information in a way they chose. Some groups decided to do a role play, others chose to word process or create a timeline.  It was lovely to see the wide variety of ways the children chose to present their learning.

PE was lots of fun because the children played a shinty type game called ‘King of the Court’ which linked in with our topic.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and exploring this period in history.  Have a fantastic half term everyone.

Week ending Friday 11th February 2022

What a fantastic day we had on Friday!  Our end of topic ‘Express activity’ was to hold a Medieval Banquet.  

The children came to school dressed in their medieval finery; we had knights, ladies and even a castle! The children selected a medieval name and during the first part of the morning, they designed heraldic shields and worked in small groups to make medieval gingerbread.  It is quite different to the gingerbread we have now; it was made from bread, honeyed water and spices. 

After break, we held the medieval banquet with the host – the queen. Mrs Page did a fantastic job of hosting the feast. The children sat at the banqueting table and enjoyed a meal of cooked meats and cheese. They used their bread as a trencher (plate) and were only able to use a spoon and knife. For desert, the children tried their gingerbread – there were mixed reviews about this!

Some of the children prepared something to entertain the Queen with after the feast. There were readings, jokes and a sword fight. Thank you everyone for joining in and making it a special day.

Week ending Friday 4th February 2022

Although we have been in remote learning all week, the children in Lamborghini Class have risen to the challenge of being resilient and independent learners in their learning at home. It was lovely to catch up with the children in our morning Zooms and see all of the completed learning as it was uploaded to eSchools.

Over the course of the week, the children found out about The Flagellants, Medieval banquets and continued their learning about the Lady of Shallot as part of their topic work. In maths we explored adding and subtracting fractions and all of the associated maths that goes with converting fractions to a common denominator and simplifying. In our English lessons, we completed a learning pack on the theme of ‘wizards’ which linked nicely with our in school learning on Dragonology.

Well done children – you made us really proud!

Finley’s research linked to Medieval Banquets.

Week ending Friday 14th January 2022

What a funny old week we had this week! We were expecting to be closed and then got the great news we could be open so it was a very eventful start to the week. We were very proud of the children’s resilience with coping with the rapidly changing situation. This fits in very nicely with our learning behaviour focus this half term which is all about being a resilient learner as modelled by the tortoise.

We have shown great resilience this week as we have been working on our new fractions topic. We have been using lots of visual images to help support our understanding of what a fraction is and have applied this to being able to find equivalent fractions and convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

In English, we started to delve into the book Dragonology which we are using as a model report for when we write our own on the Black Death. We have practising learning the introduction so we have a model for writing our own.

In topic lessons we used maps and digital atlases to plot the spread of the Black Death from Asia to Europe. The children also used their notes about pestilence and started to write as the character.

Week ending Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022. We had three days in school this week and it was a good opportunity to get stuck in to learning about our new topic.

We started to think about what life would have been like in both England and Italy during the 14th Century. We discussed the Feudal System, knights and way of life, but our main interests were in the arrival of the Black Death and the impact this had on the world’s population at the time. We made comparisons with our life at the moment as we find ourselves living in the middle of a global pandemic.

We came up with lots of interesting questions including:

  • How was the Black Death able to spread so quickly?
  • How did the Black death end?
  • Where did the Black Death first start?
  • What was the main job of the peasants?
  • How many people survived the Black Death?
  • Did the King catch the Black Death?

The highlight of the week though was our visit from pestilence! Mrs Page was the personification of pestilence and set the tone for our expressive writing on the theme. She had blacked out the windows, barricaded off the classroom and lit candles to create a dark and sinister environment. It was lots of fun and has inspired some great writing.