Maserati Class-Spring Term 2, 2023

Week ending 31st March

We have had a fantastic last week of the term which has included a visit from our friends at a local Italian school, a super Parent Express afternoon making fruity lemonade-style drinks and our wonderful Easter Fair.

As well as this, we had an excellent school trip to the amphitheatre in Capua where we got to explore the tunnels underneath the theatre and then did some amazing sketching work of the ruins themselves.

Week ending 24th March

It’s been another busy week in Maserati and the children have all been so resilient in completing their assessments this week.

In Topic, we have been working on the design phase of our D&T project where we will be making fruity lemonade-style drinks for the Easter fair.  The children worked in groups to taste test fruit and then decide which of those fruits would work best in their drinks next week.  Then, they had to consider what a good drinks packaging would include and used this to design their own in groups before making a prototype for their drink bottle.

As well as this, the children have been writing, editing and improving their final recipes for the fruity lemonades they will be making next week.  The children will then be having the opportunity next week to create recipe cards for their lemonades on the computers.

In Maths, we have been continuing to build on our fractions knowledge and have been developing our confidence to use resources in the classroom to problem solve with fractions.

Week Ending 17th March

This week, we have been focusing on the life and work of James Lind who was very important because he found a cure for scurvy. We began by learning about his work in Guided reading and then researched key events of his life in our topic sessions. We also focused on our summarising skills to be able to pick out the most important parts of his work.

We have been continuing our work on recipes focusing this week on temporal conjunctions to sequence our steps in a recipe, and as part of our SPaG lessons we have been learning about subordinate clauses, what they are and how we can use them in different places in our sentences.

In Maths, we have begun exploring fractions with some groups focusing on identifying the key parts of fractions (numerator and denominator) and how we can use these to identify fractions of shapes. Other children have been building on previous fraction learning and have been exploring mixed numbers and how we can count with them beyond 1 and use them on a number line.

In Science, we conducted a class experiment to see the effect that different liquids would have on the shell of an egg. We have to consider our different kinds of scientific variables and have left one in water and one in vinegar over the weekend and will record our observations and results on Monday.

Week ending 10th March

One of our highlights this week was creating some videos using Adobe Spark Video to showcase our learning all about chocolate. We worked collaboratively with partners to create these amazing videos – we hope you enjoy them!

Week Ending 3rd March

What a wonderful week we have had in Maserati this week!  We have been working on our own versions of the classic poem ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ this week using both collaborative and independent learning time to create some excellent poems.

In Maths, some of us have begun working on perimeter and exploring how to calculate perimeters of both rectangles and rectilinear shapes on grids and when just given measurements.  The rest of the class has now begun focusing on dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using our place value counters to help share out our tens and ones equally.

As part of our topic, we have begun to story map the story of chocolate from the cocoa farms they grow in to the supermarkets they are sold in.  Following this, we have mapped out which countries cocoa is grown in focusing on which continents the different countries are located in and why these are good countries for cocoa to grow in.  We then turned our work into detailed story maps which anyone can read in our reading corner to learn about where and how chocolate is made!

One of the best parts of our week was World Book Day where we all got to dress up in our book-related costumes and celebrate the joy that books can bring.  First, we had a whole school assembly where we got to listen to ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ which was read by all the teachers.  Then, we took a break from book work and had a super PE session.  After that, we were about to start our work when we realised our rulers had gone on STRIKE! We had to seriously consider why they might be unhappy and wrote to them to ask them to come back to the classroom.  In the afternoon, we had a super reading carousel where we got to visit lots of other teachers and hear some really wonderful stories.  And finally, we joined all of the other classes in the hall to find out who won the FoBs Wacky Reading Competition. Well done to all the winners!

Week Ending 24 February

This week in Maths we have been concentrating on our continued topic of multiplication and division.  Some children have been focusing on linking multiplication facts together to help solve problems.  Other children have been working on dividing 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number, solving correspondence problems and finding the most efficient way to carry out multiplications.

In English, we have begun our new unit on nonsense poems taking inspirations from Lewis Carroll (Jabberwocky) and Dr Seuss (Green eggs and ham) to help us build up our understanding of the ABAB rhyming structure as well as generating our own bank of rhyming and nonsense words.  Using the iPads, and the website, we explored the meaning of some of these words to find out if they were nonsense or real words. We have even begun to collaboratively begin our own nonsense poems to get used to how we create a piece of funny, food-based poetry.

We have started practising our typing skills for our computing unit this half term, which will focus on develop our word processing skills as well as our informational presentation skills using a computer.

In topic, we generated some questions that we would like to find the answers to in our topic learning and have also been learning all about different foods and how we can group them.

We also got to enjoy a super carnevale-themed day on Tuesday.  Although we still had to do our normal learning, we got to dress in our own clothes/fancy dress, eat some carnevale cake for snack and even got to throw confetti like they do in carnevale celebrations.  I think it’s fair to say that throwing the confetti was Maserati’s favourite part of the day!