Maserati Class-Summer Term 1, 2022

Please see below for our topic web for this half term:

Week beginning 09.05.2022-13.05.2022

This week we have delved further into the world of mass and capacity with some of our children.  We compared different masses and then considered how we could add and subtract masses to solve problems.  As part of this, we recapped some of our key vocabulary to know when reading a question – if it says ‘difference’ you are usually doing a subtraction, and ‘total’ will imply an addition needs to be carried out.  As well, we weren’t sure how to find the answer for 1000 divided by 4, which we needed for our learning, so we looked at the calculation 100 divided by 4 and used counters to work out the answer. This helped us work out the answer. The other group finished their work on tenths and then went on to look at dividing 1-digit and 2-digit numbers by 10.  From this, we then began exploring hundredths and thought about what hundredths were and how we could convert amounts in hundredths into tenths and hundredths.

In English, we created our own rhetorical questions and considered how they are used in our class story.  We decided what the contrasting characters for our independent stories would be and created a list of descriptive vocabulary for each character.  From this, we planned our stories ready to write them next week!

In Science, we explored soil and the properties of soil from different places in our school.  The children worked in groups to collect soil samples and then compare them.  They had to record observations about the texture, appearance and smell of the soil, as well as anything they could find in there.

As part of our PE lessons, we have been practising for Sports Day and this week we have concentrated on our throwing skills.

For topic this week, we have finished our big piece of art work for our Infiroata display.  After doing some plant picking, we used the green materials to cover the green paper and make the background look more natural. We also went back to our fashion aspect of our topic and thought about how we could create designs using stitches. For this, we used cross-stitch techniques to create letters for our names/logos.

We also explored where one of the most popular sweet treats for tourists in Italy comes from – ice cream! Most of the children, as most people do, believed that ice cream came from Italy.  However, through our guided reading we learnt that ice cream actually originated in China, where it included rice and snow as some of its ingredients.

Week beginning 02.05.2022-06.05.2022

In Maths, the children have continued on our mass and decimal work. Some of the children have been exploring what mass is, finding the mass of different objects and then learning how to read a variety of scales to read the mass of objects.  They did a superb job of measuring the mass of different objects using the scales as part of groups.  The other children in the class have been exploring tenths and how we can find them, or represent them, using a range of resources such as number lines and place value grids.

In English, we story mapped and memorised one of the chapters of our text and discussed which parts of the text were dilemmas (problems) for the character.  The children brought in some of their learning from last week and discussed why some of the opinions of girls and boys in the book are stereotypes.  From this, we explored a range of different opposite characters (such as cats and dogs, wealthy people and poor people) and created a range of dilemmas for these characters which they might face.  These will help us with our story writing in a few weeks’ time!  We also started exploring rhetorical questions, thinking about what a rhetorical question is and how we can identify them.

In Guided reading, we continued reading our new book ‘The Boy in the Dress’.  The children have been able to spot a few stereotypes in the text and have worked hard to answer questions from the text.  They have recalled lots of key details from the text and have used these to help them predict what might happen next.

We have been focusing on our festival aspect of our topic this week and have worked hard to create pieces of art work for our own Infiorata festival. The Infiorata festival usually takes place in the summer months in Italy in various places, and involves artists creating breath-taking displays using flower petals to create the colours on the art work.  We voted on a theme for our art work, and the children decided on the elements.  After designing their own pieces of art work, we went out scavenging for natural materials we could use to help us paint our pieces with and tested out lots of different materials to see which effect they created.  Once we decided what we wanted to use, the children then used a range of materials to create their individual pieces ready for us to put them all together in a display next week.

Week beginning 25.04.2022-29.04.2022

We have had a wonderful first week back after Easter!  In English, we started off by doing our elicitation task in writing and we wrote stories about a character who woke up as their younger or older sibling.  The children really enjoyed this and showed lots of creativity when deciding what would happen to their character throughout a day as their sibling.  After this, we began to explore our new text ‘Bill’s New Frock’ where the main character (Bill) wakes up as a girl.  The children have listened to the first few chapters and discussed the kinds of challenges Bill has faced, and the different expectations for the male and female characters in the book.

This has linked with our PSHE work this week where we have been exploring stereotypes between boys and girls.  It has been really interesting hearing the children’s views and debating different stereotypes.  We have discussed how we cannot decide whether someone is male or female based only on their likes/dislikes, and we have considered how much we agree with different stereotypes as well.

As part of Guided Reading this week, we started engaging with our new text which is ‘The Boy in the Dress’ by David Walliams.  We started off the week by predicting what we thought was going to happen in the story and then read the class as a whole.  It was lovely hearing the children read aloud and discuss different parts of the text together.  We then used what we had read to answer comprehension questions about the chapter and the children did a fantastic job of retrieving key information from the text.

In Maths we have started some new units this half term!  The children began the week by exploring tenths as a whole class, with some children then moving on to compare hundredths and tenths and the remainder of the class considered how we can count in tenths.  After this, we worked on converting tenths into decimals from either a worded value or a fraction.  We used our fraction knowledge brilliantly for this and the children showed that they understand the value of each part of a fraction.  To end the week, some of our children continued with tenths and explored how to use them in a place value grid.  The other half of the class then began investigating what mass is and how much mass different objects have.

We’ve really enjoyed exploring our next topic this week, and we have focused on the fashion side of our ‘Food, festivals and fashion’ topic.  The children compared different Italian fashion house logos and discussed what they liked or disliked about them.  After considering a range of logos, the children designed their own – as well as their own brand t-shirt – using influences from logos that they enjoyed.  They showed fantastic creativity and created some really exciting designs!