Maserati Class-Summer Term 1, 2023

Week Ending 26 May

This week has been wonderful in Maserati for many reasons but the main one being the incredible motivation, resilience and reflectiveness the children have shown in re-creating some of Van Gogh’s works in their own way using a range of materials, as well as some creative takes on some more modern photos.

The Maserati Gallery

Van Gogh Exhibition

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the Van Gogh exhibition in Naples. All of the children, and adults, had a wonderful time enjoying the creative and digital displays of Van Gogh’s works and especially loved the VR headset experience where they were able to move through the art itself.

Week Ending 12 May

This week has been another busy week in Maserati!

We have been exploring friction in Science and investigated how much friction different materials would cause when interacting with different surfaces. We had lots of fun exploring with this and developed a super understanding of friction between different materials.

We have been collecting ideas for our art project we will begin next week which is inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We used the app PicCollage to collect and present our inspirations in an interesting way including adding text, backgrounds and details which we might include in our work next week.

We have also been working hard in English to develop characters and settings for our own Monster Slayer-inspired narratives, and we have started decimals and time in Maths.

Week Ending 05 May

This week, we have been focusing on our class text ‘Monster Slayer’ and really working to understand the story. As part of this, the children wrote news report interviews based on an event from the story so far and these were combined to make a wonderful news report.

Another thing we have worked on this week is using the style of Van Gogh, small brushstrokes, to complete and add detail to portraits of King Charles III.

Week Ending 28 April

One of our highlights this week was a visit from our friends at a local Italian school and, because it is a big event coming up, we enjoyed lots of activities linked to the coronation of King Charles III. We created royal crowns, learnt all about King Charles III and played a fun game of ‘Stuck in the Dungeon’ (our twist on Stuck in the Mud). Also, as part of our snack we were able to enjoy some tea and jam sandwiches if we wanted to. Before we ended the day, we worked in groups to do a quiz all about King Charles III and the royal family and traditions – it was great seeing all of the children working together.

Week Ending 21 April

We have had a super first week back in school. One of our main focuses, as well as exploring our new topic ‘Invasion’, has been to focus on our focus artist this half term – Vincent Van Gogh. This week we have started to learn about his life. The children worked collaboratively to create posters about his life and work.