Maserati Class-Summer Term 2, 2023

Week ending 16.06.2023

In Maths this week, we have been finishing off time and decimals and, as a class, have started moving onto money. After a quick recap of all the coins and some partnered activities, some children worked on calculating and comparing amounts of money using visual images of coins. Meanwhile, other children worked on using their decimals knowledge and apply it, and their place value knowledge of decimals, to write money as a decimal amount (such as £1.52 instead of £1 and 52p).

We have finished off our terrifying stories linked to the text ‘Monster Slayer’ and the children have all worked hard to independently edit and improve their stories (just like our Independent Bear). Some children have even gone on to publish their stories in printed versions. Whilst we are moving onto something else next week, we are working towards all children having typed them up by the end of the half term to create a wonderful book of stories for the school library.

In guided reading and topic, we have been focusing more on who the Vikings were and particularly why their boats were so special. From this, we are then going to create some of our designs for a Viking boat next week before moving onto a special project …

We have continued with our fabulous rehearsals for our school show and have now learnt five of the songs for our show which are sounding wonderful. We are really looking forward to sharing this with our friends on 4th July and then with our families on 5th July!

Week ending 09.06.2023

This week, we have had a brilliant week back to school after our half term holiday. Some of the children have been working hard on time in their maths, recapping and practising how to read a clock (from before half term) and then moving onto looking at other measurements of time including days, weeks and hours. The other children in our class have been focusing on decimals and looking at how partition decimals into their place value and also flexibly.

In English, we have been finalising our planning for our stories inspired by the book ‘Monster Slayer’ and started writing them up. We have been working hard on our descriptive language and are trying to include lots of this in our stories!

Through guided reading, we have started to explore the Vikings and why they chose to invade Britain and to learn more about them.

We have also begun rehearsing for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which will be our summer production and started learning the songs. Whilst we don’t want to spoil anything for you, we are already thinking it will be a wonderful show you won’t want to miss!