School Events – Autumn Term 2022

Nativity Play – Christmas 2022

The children of Alfa Romeo (FS1 and FS2) and Ferrari (Yr1 and Yr2) put on a fantastic Nativity Play at the JFC Theatre. There were 2 shows scheduled; one afternoon show and an evening show and the children had a wonderful time, dressing up and showcasing their drama skills to the parents. Even the younger children had a fabulous time and took the whole experience in their stride. Well done to all involved.

Halloween Party 2022

The FoBFS put on a fabulous spooky Halloween party for the whole school. The children dressed up and played party games such as Ghost Pong, Donut Eating and Mummy making. There was also a spooktastic disco with competitions for the best dancer and best costume. All of the children (and adults) had a wicked time – Thank you to the FoBFS volunteers for making such a memorable night for the Children.