Whole School Events – Spring Term 2022

BFS Naples Supports Ukraine and the Disasters Emergency Committee

On the 8th April we took part in a fundraising event where all staff and pupils dressed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee currently helping out in Ukraine. All pupils and staff took part and 468 Euro!! was raised for such a worthy cause. Below are some photos of the event.

Ferrari class visit to Galleria Borbonica

On Wednesday 6th April Ferrari class went on a trip to Naples to visit Galleria Borbonica. Pupils of the class spent the morning on a guided tour of the underground tunnels which linked to their current topic ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’.
All our pupils had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the trip, please take a look below at some of the pictures taken during our morning!

Maserati’s class visit to Herculaneum

Last week our year 3 and 4 Maserati class began to explore places which had been impacted by volcanic eruptions, as it’s so close to us here in Naples we decided to focus on Herculaneum. In class pupils considered what made a good information leaflet, the children then worked in groups to research Herculaneum and design their very own information leaflet for people visiting the site.

This led to yesterday’s class visit to Herculaneum to look at the buildings and artefacts uncovered at the site.

Take a look below at the photos of our exciting trip! ?  

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Maserati Class Greek Day

On Thursday 17th February 2022, pupils of Maserati class participated in a Greek day, pupils dressed up in their finest Greek clothing to enjoy a day of model making, Greek sports and Greek role play. Photos of our day can be seen below

Lamborghini Class Medieval Day

On Friday 11th February 2022, pupils of Lamborghini class participated in a medieval day, they dressed as Knights/Peasants/nobles and princesses and took part in a variety of activities such as Medieval sports, making Medieval style gingerbread, performed a dance at the royal court and dined as noble lords and ladies, at the queen’s table.

It was a fantastic event thoroughly enjoyed by all, take a look the pictures below taken during the day.