MOD Schools

Ministry of Defence Schools (MOD schools) is part of the MOD and is dedicated to the education of the children of MOD Personnel and sponsored UK organisations stationed overseas.

MOD schools seeks to provide a first class system of schools and educational support services and aims to provide an effective and efficient education service and to enable children to benefit from their residence abroad.

Our schools follow the National Curriculum (England), administer national assessments and public examinations, and are inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI). Teachers in MOD schools must have recognised UK professional qualifications and the majority are recruited specially from the United Kingdom for service in our schools.

We are pleased to say that our examination and assessment results place us among the leading Local Authorities in the United Kingdom. Reports by the Office for Standards in Education (OfSTED), which provides an independent inspection service for our schools, have been consistently good and compare very favourably with those made on UK schools. The work of schools is backed by our own Inspection Advisory Service which provides the necessary in-service training facilities to ensure that our schools are conversant with developments in the United Kingdom.

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