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All parents need to obtain educational clearance for their children before proceeding with a move overseas. To find out more please go to: educational clearance for service children before-moving-overseas

If you are a member of the UK MoD posted to Naples on an accompanied tour with your family and wish your child / children to attend the British Forces School please submit an application for admission form. Please note it is vital that the application for admissions form and First contact form is completed and returned to us as soon as possible before embarkation. The First contact form can be downloaded from the link below but school application forms can only be obtained by requesting one from the following email address [email protected]

First Contact Form: First_Contact_Final-v1.0_AUG_21

Education overseas supportability (EOS) form

Information requested through the Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) Form is used by the relevant MOD school/setting and by CEAS to manage a child’s transition to an overseas based school or setting. It also signposts the receiving school/setting to any further, significant information about the pupil and allows schools to put in place any resources which may be needed to support the child where reasonably practicable. During application stage of any pupil admission our admissions officer will request consent from you (as parent or guardian) to speak directly with your child’s school and ask for an EOS form to be completed.

MOD Schools will store the EOS Form for the duration of the child attending the school. They may also keep it beyond their attendance. DCYP records management policy sets out how long information about children is kept. CEAS will store the EOS Form on their secure database until the child is 25 years old.

Please refer to the MOD’s Privacy Notice for further information : notice

Special Needs

Please note because we are a very small and remote school we do not have ready access to support for children with Special Educational Needs or Medical Needs. When a family wish to pursue a posting overseas, the special needs of their child should be declared to Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) when the posting is offered if the child is not already registered with CEAS. For parents of such children it is therefore vital that they liaise with CEAS before any posting action involving being accompanied by the child / children.

The role of CEAS, based at Upavon, is to support Service families in obtaining appropriate educational facilities for their children, and to provide high quality information and impartial advice on all aspects of education world-wide, including advice upon special educational needs / additional educational needs.

See the CEAS website for further details.

20221401 – MOD Schools and Settings Local Offer January 2022