School Building

In January 2021, the decision was made to close the old school owing to rising damp and mould that was beginning to form within the school building. The EYFS and KS1 classrooms remained unaffected and so a temporary solution was found for KS2 in the British Community Centre; Villa V which is situated adjacent to the main school. Thus splitting the lower and upper school across 2 sites. Work has been slowly progressing in the background to find a more suitable solution to the issue.

Following the Town Hall meeting today (Tues 16th January), a presentation was given by the DIO lead, Lt Col Robin Hall and Head of Defence Children Services (DCS) Bev Martin. The presentation which was delivered detailing how the modular build will look and projected timelines can be found below.

This page will be updated regularly with photographs, timeline of events etc to keep all interested parties abreast of the progress. If you have any questions regarding this information, please direct them to the Acting Head Teacher, Mrs Leanne Wortley, [email protected] who, as the liaison between the School and the Project Lead, will be able to find out the answers to your questions.


BFS Naples Town Hall.pptx

BFS Naples Town Hall minutes 16 January 2024

Progress is continuing with the windows and air conditioning units being installed in the new classrooms and the levelling and re-concreting of the outside space for EYFS and KS1 to utilise being laid. The partition walls for the toilets have been erected and the electrical cabling has been installed with We have visitors here this week from NG Bailey who are contracted to install the external IT infrastructure into the new classrooms. Things are really beginning to take shape and another update will follow on Fri 17 May.

Over the bank holiday, progress has continued to be made with the installation of lighting, power and flooring. The shading area for the EYFS children has also been installed making a much needed sheltered environment for their outdoor learning. The handover date has slipped to the right by one week as mentioned in the Headteacher update but this is due to the installation of IT infrastructure. A further update will be published on Friday 10th May.

The work continues on the interim site with partitions being erected in classrooms and lighting being installed throughout. The inclement weather is not affecting the tempo of the construction and we are still on target for the May handover. More updates to follow later in the week.

There has been a lot of activity over the last few days and the new classroom builds are beginning to take shape with door frames and windows being installed. The work continues to remain on track with not even the April showers stalling progress. Another update will follow next week.

Progress continues to be made over on the interim site with the new classroom structure beginning to take shape. The doors and windows have arrived and will be fitted over the coming days. We look forward to a visit from General Mead and the SNR, Col Senneck today to see how the project is progressing. Further updates will be provided next week.

On Mon 15 April, the modular classrooms began to arrive on site. The framework was unloaded and the workforce were quick to set about with the installation and construction of the frames. On Tues 16 April, an element of the Project Team arrived on site to oversee the build and to ensure there were no initial teething problems.

Progress is continuing to be made on site with the cement being laid last week and the wooden boards being removed at the start of this week. The new water pipes that were installed during the Easter holidays have been tested successfully and the site is now ready for the arrival of the first instalment of classrooms that are due to arrive next week. A small element of the project team will be on site to assist with the arrival and construction.

Progress has been made this week with the ground works well and truly underway. We have seen the installation of new pipework and the borders being outlined ready for the arrival of the modular classrooms. Once we come back from the Easter break, we will look forward to seeing what progress has been made and will provide another update then.

This week we have had several visitors to the site including the company responsible for the provision of the modular classrooms. They spent 2 days visiting the site; conducting a comprehensive site survey and holding meetings with DIO, Babcock, DCS Infra and Project Managers.