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Welcome to Ferrari Class!

Meet The Staff

Mrs Page

Hello! My name is Mrs Page. I have been teaching at BFS Naples for over two years. Living here in Italy gives us a wonderful opportunity to travel, learn a new language and understand the Italian history and culture.

Mrs Givens

Mrs Givens

Hello, I am Mrs Givens and I have recently moved to Lago Patria with my husband. My 3 children are all in Scotland in boarding school and are very much looking to coming to Italy to spend their school holidays in the sun. I have been a District Nurse and Health Visitor for the past 20 years, working with children 0-19. I also have LSA experience and am looking forward to spending my days supporting children at BFS Naples.

Our Classroom

Hi Everyone, we hope you enjoy the below photos of our Ferrari classroom environment.

Topic Web

Our topic this half-term is Dinosaur Planet

Week ending 5th November 2021

Well Ferrari have had a busy first week back.  They have started their new project, Land Ahoy, this week and they spent Monday as pirates.  They made their hats, designed their flags and created their own pirate characters to describe.  They then completed a treasure hunt and enjoyed working out the clues together.

They had the pleasure of a visit from their music teacher this week, who has been working with them daily on singing, beats, rhythms and drumming.  Ferrari loved their music each day and they participated so well with the songs and stories.  They even learnt a song about pirates.

This week the children have been working hard on building up their phonics, reading and writing basic skills.  The children have started the new class book “Pirates love Underpants” that they will be focusing on for writing.  In maths, the children have been working hard with addition and subtraction.

In PSHE, the children have been celebrating differences between themselves and others.  They have also been busy this week learning about and preparing for Remembrance Day.  They have made salt dough poppies and a poppy reef for our fallen soldiers. 

Week Ending 15th October 2021

Ferrari have had yet another busy week in school and are working so hard in all areas of their learning.  Every week they make such great improvements in their independence, concentration, abilities and resilience. 

This week they have started their new sequence of learning in English after a great 2 weeks making their own books about feelings. This week they started ‘The Three Little Pigs’ by Mara Alperin and are fully immersing in the story and all of it’s features.  They have already looked at other versions of the familiar story and compared the similarities or differences in them.  They have been busy collecting vocabulary and learning about types of words so when they write their own versions they will be more aware of their own word choices.  Year 1 have been learning more about capital letters and when to use them. Year 2 have been learning about expanded noun phrases with the use of 2 adjectives. 

In maths the children have moved on from place value and are now applying that knowledge working with numbers.  Year 1 have been learning about part-whole models and using lots of practical resources to develop their skills with this.  Year 2 have been working with addition, comparing calculations and developing their number facts knowledge.

The class book is getting very exciting this week and the children are loving ‘The BFG’.  They have had lots of rich discussions about dreams that are good and bad, how these dreams make us feel, would they want to pass good or bad dreams on to the other giants and many other topics.  The children are developing their prediction and inference skills well from this book and they all thoroughly love being read to.

In other areas of their learning the children have continued to make observations of the weather and how the season is changing here.  They have been busy focusing on their phonics each day and applying these skills to their reading and writing.  They have enjoyed PE with some traditional games and continuing with the PSHE learning.  It has been another busy and successful week in Ferrari and the children should be very proud of themselves.

Week Ending 8th October 2021

This week in Ferrari has been yet another busy one!  The children are working so hard in all areas of their learning.  They are really developing their independence after a good amount of time settling back into school which is wonderful. 

This week they have been very busy with their writing.  They have planned, written, edited and published their books.  The children have been made aware of the process they need to follow to develop their writing skills which is a pleasure to witness.  They have been developing their skills with checking their own writing for sense, spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Their own versions of ‘How do you feel?’ look absolutely fantastic and the children are super proud of them.  We will share some examples of them with you next week.

In maths, we have come to the end of our block with number and place value.  The children have completed some super work this week and are proving to have a good knowledge of number. They will now be moving onto addition and subtraction with their secure knowledge of numbers.

This week we have been focusing on science with the changing weather we have had here.  The children have been learning about the seasons and this week they made their own rain gauges to collect the rain that has fallen nearly every day.  The children have made some great observations on the weather this week, especially with the thunderstorm that kept them all awake Monday night.

Week Ending 30th September 2021

In Ferrari this week it has been yet another busy one.  The children have settled well into their routines this week and are showing themselves to be super motivated learners! 

We have been busy diving into our new focus book ‘How do you feel?’.  The children are enjoying immersing into this book with recognising how pictures can show them different emotions along with learning about different feelings we all experience.  The children have been identifying feelings from pictures of other children and writing about these.  They have also been leaning about synonyms for words and feelings. They will be making their own books next week to share with each other and they are looking forward to this.

In maths we are coming to the end of our block on number and place value.  They have been showing numbers with different representations, ordering them, making them and comparing them.  The year 2 children have further developed their place value knowledge, working with tens and ones in different ways.  They have been using part-while models to show how numbers can be made in different ways and they have moved onto place value columns to show their tens and one’s knowledge.  They have been very motivated with their maths learning this week which is a pleasure to see.

We have further worked on out project with looking at and identifying old and new transport which has been fun.  The children were fascinated at some of the older forms of transport.  We have also started our science in class and the children have shown themselves to have a great wealth of knowledge in this area.  We have worked on our PSHE this week with having rich discussions about feeling safe and calm.  The children enjoy their Jigsaw lessons and this week we have had the Jigsaw character ‘Jack’ in class for the children to look after He is nervous in class and needs some kindness and compassion from us all so that’s just what we are giving him. 

Week Ending 24 September 2021

We have been busy in Ferrari Class again over the past week.  We had our parents in to see our classroom and the school which was very exciting due to them not being able to join us for a long time because of Covid restrictions.  The parents who attended enjoyed taking part in our project activities with their children.  The children were so happy to have their parents in school and enjoyed working with them in class. Thank you to all parents who were able to join us.

We have been getting stuck into our project and looking at old artefacts that are completely unfamiliar to us.  A tape cassette and old camera were very unfamiliar to the children who are so used to modern technology with ipads and mobile phones.  We have been looking at similarities and differences of family portraits over time, especially when we compare regular family portraits to the Royal family’s portraits.  The children have been very reflective with their history skills and they are very good at asking questions that better their understanding and knowledge.  They then enjoyed making their own family portraits to celebrate their families.

In writing, we have been reading ‘My Favourite Game’, which is about making a pocket-sized doll character and all the activities that can be carried out with that tiny friend.  We are working towards writing from another character’s perspective whilst applying our basic skills. The children have been developing their perspective skills by using our small animals or toys within the classroom to take on a journey around the school. They have been taking pictures from the perspective of the small characters. The children were fascinated at how big things look when looking from a lower and smaller level. We aim to be writing from the perspectives of the pictures we took and showing off our writing skills.

In maths we are continuing to work with our number and place value knowledge before working towards using this knowledge with the four operations.  We will move onto addition and subtraction soon along with number facts knowledge.  The children enjoy working with the manipulatives we have available before showing our knowledge in our books.  We are also building on our reasoning and problem-solving skills as we continue our learning.

The children are enjoying their PE lessons.  We have been focusing on ball skills and co-ordination.   They are developing their listening skills and coordination of their bodies so they can build on their physical skills. 

Key information

PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Daily equipment needed – Please can the children come to school every day with a hat, water bottle and lunch. In the warmer months please apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent before the school day.

Welcome to Ferrari Base! Ferrari Class staff are Miss Grimes and Mrs Givens.  Miss Grimes has been a qualified teacher and working in schools for many years now and she has a wealth of experience in different school types.  

Since coming back to school this term Ferrari have been very busy settling into their new class and routines.  They began by showing their super knowledge in maths, writing and reading.  We have since started our new project Memory Box which is related to history and being able to recognise changes within living memory.  We enjoyed making our own memory boxes that we will keep and reopen at the end of the year ready for reflections on how our year went and if our wishes were met. 

We have been reading a poem about the Hope-o-potamus and the children have loved it. They have been impressed with the hippo’s bravery and perseverance which is a great poem to start our year with. We love to be inspired!

In maths, we have been revisiting our number knowledge, ordering them, counting and sorting objects, recognising 10s, 2s and 5s. The children in Ferarri love maths lessons.

We have also been busy getting back into the routine of Phonics daily and the children are doing well with their reading skills along with remembering all the sounds they need to know.

We will post pictures regularly for you to see our wonderful learning.

Many thanks

In our first week back we made self-portraits.