School Hours

  Start and End times
Monday – Friday  08:15 – 15:05
Morning Break Time – Key Stage 1 10:10-10:30
Morning Break Time – Key Stage 2 10:10-10:30
Lunch Time – Key Stage 1 12:30 – 13:15
Lunch Time  – Key Stage 2 12:30-13:15
Daily session start and end time 08:15-11:30

Children are supervised by a member of staff ten minutes before the beginning of school in the morning and should therefore not arrive at school before 08:15.

Term Time Leave

If you decide to take your child/ren out of school during term time a ‘Pupil Term Time Leave’ form needs to be completed and sent into the school office before the leave takes place. Please see the below link to our school Term Time Leave document:
Please note: This does not apply for medical/dental appointments or children in our FS1 class.

Summer Hours

In the extreme heat of the final half of the summer term the school adopts summer hours. Our Nursery hours stay the same but we will let you know the date that the rest of the school years move to summer hours through the Head Teachers Weekly update email.

Summer School Hours:

Mon – Fri,  08:15-13:00

Morning Break Time – Key Stage 1 & 2,  10:10-10:30


Dedicated School buses are provided by UKNSE for children of serving UK military personnel to get children to and from school. Bus escorts are employed by the UKNSE on each bus to ensure the safety of children. When registering your child, transport arrangements will be fully explained. Please ensure, before accepting your house that it is within the school bus route boundary. All children must be taken to and collected from the buses by their parents. If you arrange for someone else to collect your child from the bus, you will need to write to the senior bus escort giving permission. If for any reason you are not at the stop to collect your child at the end of the school day they will be returned to school and looked after by staff until they can be safely collected. Please inform the escorts, morning and night, if your child is not using the bus. During the day this can be done by calling the school office, we will pass on the relevant information. Detailed bus routes with up to date timetables and contact information will be given to you when your child starts school.


The school meets the statutory requirement to provide a daily Act of Collective Worship that is non-denominational and mainly Christian in character. Assemblies are led by the Headteacher, a member of staff, the children themselves or a visitor such as the Padre. We also hold regular Celebrations Assemblies to which parents are invited. Any parent wishing to withdraw their child from the assembly should put this in writing to the Headteacher.


In Foundation Stage a mid-morning snack is provided for children. Parents are requested to make a termly donation to cover snack food costs. Pupils in Y1 – Y6 have the option of having a snack at morning break. We encourage healthy snacks. Sweets are not considered as a suitable snack item.


We do not have the facilities to provide school meals. All children should bring a packed lunch and drink. Please provide drinks in cartons or plastic containers, rather than glass containers Children are supervised by a Lunchtime Supervisor as the teachers will themselves be taking a reasonable break and are not permitted contractually to supervise children at lunchtimes.


Please be conscious that some children suffer from allergies and for those with a nut allergy it is especially dangerous. From time to time we have children in school for whom any sort of contact with nuts can be fatal. For their safety we ask parents not to send in food with nuts e.g. peanut butter or Snickers bars, and also to inform their children not to swap their food with anyone else.