Alfa/Romeo Class – Autumn Term 2, 2023

Week 5 and 6 (04-15 Dec)

Last week it was time for Alpha Romeo to leave ‘Once upon a Time’ land, so it was time to help the Queen one last time. We worked together to find out what stories have kings and queens in and we enjoyed reading them over our snack times. We also learnt that there are real kings and queens both now and in the past. We created our own royal characters for Once upon a time land and decided on what rules we would have if we were a King.

We also recapped our shapes and spent some time learning a bit more about squares and rectangles. We phoned the shape shop to buy the shapes the Queen needed for her castle, we went on a shape hunt and FS2 sorted and grouped some shapes into the square group and the rectangle group.

This week we started a mini project looking at all the different celebrations that people will be celebrating this winter. We have looked at books, watched videos and discussed photos. We have talked about our favourite celebrations, made some beautiful candle holders and created our own cards.

We have enjoyed making our own choices in our learning times and we have especially loved working in the post office and pretending to celebrate different events in the house corner.

Week 3 and 4 (20 Nov – 01 Dec)

It’s been another 2 weeks full of lovely learning. We have been exploring the books ‘Billy and the Beast’ and ‘Room on the Broom’ and lots of us have enjoyed making our own terrible soup and making up some magical spells.

As part of our group time we worked together to learn about how to use clay. We experimented with a range of tools and objects to see what marks they would make and later used this to help us create our own clay beasts.

FS2 also waved their magic wands to help change the story of Billy and the Beast and imagined what else the beast might want to put in his terrible soup. They used their phonics to write some of the words that they would want in their story.

In FS2 we have been learning about numbers 4 & 5. We have been on number hunts, sorted pictures into 4 and 5, practices 1 more and 1 less and explored ways to make 4 and 5 using other numbers.

We have loved joining in with the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and have spent time talking about the different events and then acting them out. FS2 later used their phonic knowledge to help fix the witches spell book after all of the words had fallen out!

We have enjoyed making our own choices in our learning times and we have especially loved making up and telling our own ‘once upon a time’ stories.

Week 1 and 2 (6-17 Nov)

Alpha Romeo are back and we were excited to welcome a new face to the classroom; The Queen of Once Upon a Time land. She revealed that the Big Bad Wolf had run off and we got to work searching for him. We looked high and low and searched for clues like scratch marks.

We then made plans for what to do if he ended up in our classroom as we all knew that he tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood. We explored different materials to see if it they would make a strong cage. Then we tested out a fan to see if it was strong enough to blow the wolf away. We also had the idea of making ourselves scary masks to frighten him away!

We have enjoyed exploring the story of Little Red Riding Hood as well as a more modern version of Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. We have learnt words like gobble, cunning and ferocious and have acted out the story thinking about all the main events as well as making up our own alternative events. FS2 also used their phonic skills to add some important story words to their story plan.

We also worked as a team to create some paintings to represent the Hungry Lion and the Big, Bad Wolf. We explored lots of different tools and the marks they made, and trying to make the painting look like fur.

In Maths FS2 have started to look at shapes. We have looked at how to use words like straight, curved, corners, sides and round. We have sorted, spotted and hunted for all the shapes around us.

We have enjoyed making our own choices in our learning times too. We have had lots of opportunities to talk, share, explore, count and be creative. Another great week.