Alfa/Romeo class – Summer Term 1, 2024

Please click on the button below to see the full term topic “Sunshine and Sunflowers” exploring the exciting world we live in and how to care for plants in our environments.

Week 1 and 2

It’s the start of the summer term and we have started our new learning journey “Sunshine and Sunflowers”. We have been on flower hunts and planted some seeds in our outdoor learning area.

Miss Howard got a bit confused about how to grow a seed and what flowers looked like, so we put on our expert glasses and helped her out. We explained that flowers have petals, and stems and leaves and not legs or tails. Next, we talked about seeds needing water, sun and soil and not socks, pens or fizzy drinks. Miss Howard decided to try anyway and we are checking each day to see if the seeds grow.

We also talked about scarecrows and how they are used to stop the birds eating the seeds. We all worked a team to make a big scarecrow for our garden. We had to decide what to use, how it would fit together, help stuff the clothes and draw on the face. FS2 then learnt how to use the saw and cut some twigs to be the scarecrow’s hands.

Miss Howard then found some wood and we had a go at making some mini scarecrows. We learnt how to use the saw, hammer and screwdriver. We needed lots of hand strength to use the tools and we had to be very careful with the tools and use them safely.

FS2 have also been learning about the ‘tricky teens’ in their carpet times. We have looked and recited the counted pattern and looked at how the numbers tell us there is 1 ten and 4 more that’s fourteen. We have practised matching, counting, ordering and recognising our teen numbers.

In our own learning times we have enjoyed playing the water, making huge houses and farms and being creative with loose parts and play dough.