Maserati Class – Autumn Term 1, 2023

Week Ending 15 September

What a wonderful start to the year Maserati you have all come to school and settled into class very well and are all working very hard.

In English we have looked at ‘Journey’ and travelling to new places all through pictures. This week we have started our teaching sequence ‘The Beasties’. Daisy goes to sleep in a new bed in a new house and can not sleep and the she hears a noise and tries to work out what it is and this leads to a story with some interesting Beasties. Our new Guided Reading sessions has started and we have looked at Rapid Retrieval and also Six to Succeed- this weeks focus has been on emotions.

In Math’s we have been learning about Place Value we have started the unit looking hundreds, tens and ones and band 4 have extended to ten thousands. In the steps we have partitioned numbers and wrote number sentences, placed and read number lines using lots of visual maths resources to help. We have looked at numbers and also written them in words.

In Science we are learning about Animals and the Skeletal System. We have talked about what we already know and looked at different aspects and groups.

In History we have started our journey ‘Through the Ages ‘ and headed back in history. The Children’s first activity was working through different stations looking at artwork, animals, tools and weapons and fires. Looked at creating a timeline through the ages and the different lengths of era’s. Maserati came up with some wonderful questions for us to research and find the answers about life during this time.

In Geography we have started looking at the world through atlases finding places around the world and marking them on a blank map. The first few weeks we are using skills to add to our existing knowledge and help us have a better understanding about of the world.

PE has been good and all of the children enjoyed Nimble Nets our tennis unit and we have had a taster of Pilates where we are going to build our muscles and work on our core.

Our first Art lesson was using watercolours to mix and make complementary colours and the colour wheel. We spoke about transparency and hue tones and are building our vocabulary.

Thank you Magnificent Maserati for an amazing start to the school year.