Maserati Class – Autumn Term 2, 2023

Week 11 and 12 (20 Nov-01 Dec)

We have been working had with our learning in Maserati.

In English we have had a grammar focus looking carefully at expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses writing different examples linked to the text. Everyone has planned their own portal story using the model and used this to write their own portal stories. Some are very similar to ‘Leon and the Place in Between’ where a little boy’s interest in magic comes alive when he enters a wooden box and other take use on exciting adventures into other worlds. After writing the stories and careful editing and up levelled the stories to up level. Maserati has some budding authors in the making.

In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division. It is not just learning times-table to 12 but using to solve times and division word problems, spot patterns to increase speed and improve times-tables knowledge. Everyone has rose to the challenge and is working very hard learning and use their times tables with regular practice on TT Rockstar. This week some of the class have really challenged themselves to solve missing digits and patterns. They even challenged Mrs Clark wo solve some tricky problems during the lesson.

In our History we have left the Bronze Age and Bell Beaker pottery and moved to the Iron Age where life changed for the people when they discovered iron. People’s everyday lives were changed as iron made farming more efficient and iron weapons were available for everyone. Tribes attacked each other to steal their land, food and possessions. People created art6, music and pottery. 

In Geography we have been looking at the Earth by reading the book ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’ by Charlotte Guillain. We used the book to introduce the Earth’s layers and key vocabulary, such as crust, magma, mantle and core. We then made a 2 D model of the Earth’s layers and described the four layers. This week we re-capped the layers of the Earth from the previous session watched a video tectonic plates and how it has taken millions of years to change the Earth to how we know it today. At the end of the session we talked about ‘What do you think will happen to the Earth’s crust over time?

We finished off the week talking about ‘Colour Theory’ in Art looking at famous pieces of artwork.

Week 9 and 10 (6-17 Nov)

Well done Marvellous Maserati what a wonderful start to the term.

Last week we had a great time for STEM week. We looked at our Design and Technology Project Eat Well, Cook Well. On Monday we started off the week learning about food hygiene and safety in the kitchen. We then cooked potatoes six ways and tasted discussed cooking methods. We have practiced chopping vegetables and made Ratatouille and then were innovative and made different taco fillings to share with Parent during the open afternoon.

On Tuesday, Mrs Grady joined Maserati and we followed instructions to make a robotic hand using cardboard, straws and string. It was tricky to start, but everyone made a fantastic prototype and tested their hand trying out everyday task like writing your name and drink a glass of water.

In English we have started to read our new book ‘Leon and the place in between’ and listened to the magic un-fold as we turned the colourful pages. Leon went through a door inside a door and into the place between where he made a special little boy. This week Maserati pupils have had to learn a section of the story and created a detailed story map of events. We also have started our new Guided Reading text ‘The Iron Man’ and form the detail in the text have compared the description and mapped out his head was as big as a bedroom and he was taller than a house.

We have started our new math’s unit ‘Multiplication and Division’ looking at multiples of numbers, times tables including multiplication and division facts. Everyone has been working so hard practicing their timetables and this is been reflected in their maths. Congratulations Maserati you are all working very hard and should be extremely proud of yourselves.

In Science our new topic is ‘Food and the Digestive System’ and this week’s focus has been ‘Producers and the Ecosystem’ where we created our own glossary of words and built on our vocabulary skills. Everyone worked and researched a different ecosystem and found out about the landscape and climate. We will continue our research next week.

Our topic work is going well and we have completed the Bronze Age finding out about Amesbury Archer and the Beaker People. We have looked how they lives during this period of history and how living on the land and houses changed from the Stone Age. In Art we have sketched using a range of drawing pencils and learnt about how to use the pencils for different techniques found on Beaker pots. We have explored clay techniques using different tools and designed and made Beaker Pots using coil techniques.

Please keep this up over the term.