Alfa/Romeo class – Spring Term 1, 2023

Week Ending 10 February 2023

Another busy week in Alfa Romeo and just like that it’s time for half term.

This week we have finished our Topic ‘Long Ago’ and been looking at our extended families. We have found out things looked very different in history and now. We have noticed how the seasons change and read lots of stories about Grandparents.  We have looked at Kings and Queens, portraits and sculptures. Today snack was scones … a recipe from long ago.

On Wednesday we had our Superhero Day which was brilliant as Alfa Romeo children looked amazing dressed up in their costumes. We tried some Superhero dancing and thought about Superhero words. We built super hideouts, cars and bridges with the large construction and challenged ourselves to make super towers as tall as we were. FS2 started their Superhero story and finished it today illustrating their three-part story with pictures and sharing them with Mrs. Robinson where they all received a Headteacher sticker.

In Maths we have looked at 6, 7 and 8 and combining the number in different ways. We have finished the week looking at height working out who is the tallest and shortest in class. Who has the longest feet, which is the tallest animal and which superhero has the tallest tower. We all know the days of the week and enjoy singing it everyday so this has helped us order them carefully.

Well done Alfa Romeo. Have a well deserved half term break and we’ll see you next term.

Week Ending 3 February 2023

Amazing Alfa Romeo what a week we have had! We have continued with our learning ‘Long Ago’ and the children are making some wonderful links between old and new household items, machines and toys. We have read ‘Major Glad and Major Dizzy’ and looked back through children’s eyes since 1870. We used a timeline to help look at the changes of houses, transport and toys over one hundred years ago. Yesterday, we brought in our favourite Teddy bear and shared information about them with our friends. We even found out how the first Teddy was made and got his name after an American President and know what it is like to be mini Historians.

In English FS2 have started ‘Super Milly and the Super School Day’. We all have designed our own Superhero masks and made a drawing of our Superhero cape which we are going to make ready for our Superhero day next week.  Being a Superhero will be so much fun and we can use our super powers to help our friends stop the evil Villain. The children have written a letter to Milly as she was feeling sad when her friend William came to school with no costume. She tried to help him not feel sad.

In Maths, we have looked at 6, 7 and 8 and investigated different ways to make the numbers using a tens frame. We all used the tens frame in a different way and this showed our understanding of counting. The week was finished by playing different pair games and trying to match aliens and socks. All of the FS2 children have worked very hard with this. Our Math’s activities have been creating patterns with blocks, making a Superhero town using 3D wooden shapes, making roads and trains tracks for travel to name a few.

Alfa Romeo are all working very hard and love to show me their creations every day. Keep up the great work!

Week Ending 27 January 2023

This week in Alfa Romeo we have been looking at the Chinese New Year. The children have learnt 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. All of the children found out which year they were born in and dressed in oriental dress which was a memorable experience. We have decorated lanterns, made paper chain dragons, used our fine motor skills to make spiral decorations. Outside we have been using chopsticks to pick up wool and sparkly noodles. We all had a go and tried our bet to use the sticks together. During snack this week the children had the opportunity to try some oriental snacks during this time and went home with a gift.

In Topic we have continued with ‘Long Ago’ and were transported back in time to when we focused on the book ‘Coming to England’. This looked at how people travelled to England years ago to make a better life for their families. We looked at Trinidad and found out what it is like to live there and fell in love with the beautiful coastlines and beaches. We have built on our learning thinking about our families and who lives with us. We have extended this to talking about our families and where people live. we have thought about our memories and big events we have been part of since we were born. We have looked at items which are old and new and had to guess what some things are as telephones, washing machines and computers were not invented and life has changed so much.

In English FS2 have been busy writing their own stories similar to ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. The children had to change the main character, then were given a pen, pencil or paintbrush to create beautiful items to help poor people. A King, Queen, Emperor or Tsar wanted to steal the item for himself. We talked about this being a bad character and how they might act. In the final part of the story the children invented a creature to scare the bad character and it finished with a happy ending. Every child worked hard with their letter formation, handwriting and tried to use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence.

In Maths we have been looking at mass and how heavy and light items can be. We use the scales to weigh items in a Post Office and found out if the balance scale is in a straight line it means they are the same. Towards the end of the week we have finished off our unit looking at capacity and learnt new words full and empty by looking at different containers. We had great fun in the water testing which containers hold more water and testing different liquids.

The week has been very busy and Alfa Romeo have done a great job experiment with the musical instruments, played the triangles and sang a lovely song with Mrs Pollington. Joined in the outside games, we have been on the bikes, build tall structures, secret hideouts, built tracks for the trains to travel on, played with the babies and dressed and fed them and created food from the mud kitchen to name just a few. Well done everyone!

Week Ending 20 January 2023

Well done Alfa Romeo- we have had a great week of mixed emotions saying ‘Hello’ to Freddie in FS1 and also ‘Goodbye’ to Fraser in FS2.

We have continued with our topic ‘Long Ago’ and welcomed Mrs Densley into school this week with baby Elena. We have been talking about how we have changed and the best place to start with was meeting a baby. We looked at how many bits you have to carry in a bag when you leave your house having a baby. We talked about food, changing and bath time as well as sleeping and story time. The children had some wonderful questions to ask Mrs Densley and were all very gentle tickling Elena’s feet and stroking her face. It was lovely to see them all sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and how softly they could sing.

Within our Topic we have shared he story ‘Rosie’s Hat’ which was perfect as we could talk about the weather and seasons. Alfa Romeo have built on their skills to learn more about the seasons and looked at labelling and done some wonderful pictures.

We have started to look at our faces and are thinking about creating drawings and portraits. We have noticed a lot of the photos we have been looking at are in black and white. Next week we will explore this and see if we can change the colour of the photos. We have read many different books about babies including ‘The baby’s Catalogue’ and ‘Peepo’ and made a catalogue of items babies need and started to think of the changes we have had since we were babies.

In Maths we have been looking at the composition of 4 and 5. Using shapes, linking cubes and card to match quantities and then built on this to develop the understanding that the numbers are made of smaller number. We have had different manipulates out to show this and explored different possibilities.

In English we have been working on ‘the Magic Paintbrush’ and talked and labelled a dragon, sequenced the picture form the story and had a go at using their phonics to read and write words to create our own section the story. We have started to plan our own story ready to write this next week. Another fun packed week with music and playing the instruments to songs, braved the weather and did PE outside with Mrs Pollington. In RE we have looked inside a Church and Mosque and compared the two buildings and the way Christians and Muslims worship.

Week Ending 13 January 2023

Well done Alfa Romeo a great week as always and everyone is back into the daily routine.

This week we have continued with our Topic ‘Long Ago’ and describing the weather and describing the sun, rain, wind, clouds and if it is warm or cold. Weather is warmer in the summer with more sunshine and colder in the winter with more snow, hail and rain but we compared the weather to being in Italy and how it has been warm but when it rains it can flood the roads and make heavy downpours. We have also talked about Nursery Rhymes and how some of them in the Classic book are very different – we were able to use the pictures to help and describe what was happening. We have talked about what has happened in the past and use sequences to recall what we have done, the days of the weeks and sung plenty of songs to help remember the order. We now know about the word ‘antique’ and can explain that it describes valuable objects from the past.

In Maths, we have looked at zero and found out this means there is ‘nothing there’ or ‘all gone’. We have read different books and sung a selection of songs to help with our understanding. We finished off the week by comparing numbers up to 5 and the quantities can be more than, the same as and fewer- this involved lots of practical ways to look at this including stacking counters and trying to build a tower out of rocks. FS1 have used the Abacus to practice their counting.

In English, we have read our book ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and explored words from the text and tried to write them using our phonics. We had to put ourselves in Shen (little girl’s) shoes and predict what she would do with the paintbrush. The colour red is used throughout the book and also can be used for luck. We used collage technique to decorate Chinese lanterns similar to ones in the book and thought about how the villagers felt at the end of the story. We even worked hard to write a thank you letter to Shen. Some fantastic handwriting and letter formation and careful finger spaces. I can’t wait to see what you will produce next week.

There has been lots of singing and stories, linked to life a long time ago and also modern day. In PE it was a heart pumping Jo Wicks session and Alfa Romeo took turns to listen and play the triangle in time to the song.

Another amazing week Alfa Romeo. Well Done!

Week Ending 6 January 2023

Happy New Year!

We hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a well-deserved rest.

This week all of the children have enjoyed sharing their adventures from the holidays. We have talked about what we have done over the holidays and the presents received. We have started our new Topic ‘Long Ago’ and watched a video about how things have changed, looked at photographs and shared out story of the week ‘ The Tiger who came to Tea’. In the story a little girl and her mum had a knock at the door and it was a hungry tiger and they invited him in for tea.

In maths we have finished off our last topic looking at squares and rectangles and have found items around the classroom to make a group, sorted shapes, found the odd one out by counting the sides of the shape and created a picture in the style of Mondrian using primary colours.

We have worked hard with our phonics and predicted what might happen in our new English book ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. We then started to share the story in class and it has beautiful pictures to talk about as we read the story.

Well done Alfa Romeo!