Alfa/Romeo class – Spring Term 1, 2024

Please click on the button below to see the full term topic “Starry Night” exploring the differences in the world at night compared to during the day.

Week 3 and 4

Our “Starry Night” learning has continued and we have now ventured into outer space. We have explored rockets, found out about Neil Armstrong, pretended to be astronauts, eaten space food, acted out space stories, made a rocket dance and made our own junk rockets. FS2 also retold and wrote about some of the events and characters from the story “The Way Back Home”.

We were also lucky to have a visitor come in who told us all about telescopes and even let us have a look through his own telescope.

FS2 have also looked at different ways to measure. We learnt about capacity to see how much something can hold. We used different sized spoons and different sized containers to explore and predict their capacity. Next we looked at weight and how to use the scales to see how heavy something is.

We also looked at some different artists who had been inspired by the starry skies. We talked about what we could see and which painting we liked or disliked. We then explored different ways to make our own starry night painting. We used balls, marbles, rollers, brushes and spray bottles. FS2 also looked at how the iPad can be used to create pictures.

We have enjoyed making our own choices in our learning times and have been on rocket adventures, made space soup and so much more!

Week 1 and 2

It is Spring term and it is fantastic to be all back together for our new learning theme “Starry Night”. We started our theme with looking at bedtimes and why we need to sleep and the best ways to go to sleep. We then had a pyjama day and came to school as if it was night time. We shared bedtime stories, made a dark tent, explored torches and made ourselves a delicious hot chocolate. FS1 also designed some bright patterned pyjamas and FS2 sorted materials to make soft, comfy pyjamas.

Later we looked at the story of ‘Owl Babies’ and found out that some animals are nocturnal which means they are awake when we are asleep. We enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out and FS2 then created their own version of the story.

FS2 have also been recapping their number knowledge for numbers to 5. They have looked at the order that numbers go in and how the number changes when there is 1 more or 1 less. They also worked on finding out the different parts that made 5, like 4 and 1 and 3 and 2.

We have enjoyed making our own choices in our learning times and getting to know our new friends who joined us after the school holidays.