Alfa/Romeo class – Spring Term 2, 2024

Please click on the button below to see the full term topic “Dangerous Dino’s” exploring the exciting and dangerous world of Dinosaurs.

Week 2 and Week 3

It’s been an exciting time in Alpha Romeo as we came back to see a baby T-Rex had hatched! We decided that we should take turns to look after it until we could locate the Mum. We also looked at the story ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ which was all about some herbivores and carnivores. We enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out and then imagining we were the characters and why they were feeling the way they were.

We then went on to work together to create some delicious food for the Duckbill Dinosaur. We used rollers, sponges and brushes to experiment and explore making different shades of green. When it was dry we then used our scissor skills to cut out some yummy pondweed and FS2 looked carefully to draw different leaf shapes and add extra detail.

FS2 have also been expanding their number knowledge during their carpet times and have been looking closely at the numbers 9 and 10. We went on a number hunt, sorted numbers and found ways to make 9 and 10.

In our own learning times we have enjoyed creating a dinosaur café, making icky sticky swamps, telling dinosaur stories, making dinosaur towns and travelling along obstacle courses.

Week 1

After a lovely half term holiday Alpha Romeo are back and ready to learn all about ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’. We used a sprinkle of magic to travel back in time with Explorer Bob to see if we could find any clues that would show dinosaurs were near. We found footprints, scratches and eaten leaves and recorded all of this on our explorer pads. The next time we went exploring we found a nest and inside there was a dinosaur egg which we decided to look after. We are keeping a close eye on it in the classroom and FS2 are keeping a log of any changes that happen.

FS2 later went on to look at the difference in dinosaur books. Some books are stories (fiction) and some books are information (non-fiction). FS2 explored and sorted books and we have enjoyed listing to stories and finding out facts. Then we all joined Explorer Bob to learn some dinosaur facts by looking carefully at some dinosaur toys and spotting features likes claws, frills, beaks, horns and spikes. We then helped Bob to sort the dinosaurs into groups like claws and no claws.

We have also been learning about long, tall and short. We have searched for things that are tall and not tall, short and not short and ordered the dinosaurs eggs according to size. FS2 also learnt how to measure by using items like bricks to help measure with more accuracy.

In our own learning times we have enjoyed acting out stories, playing in the sand kitchen and some children even decided to try and create their own dinosaur nests.